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Derrick McMahon

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Derrick McMahon is a seasoned writer with a passion for exploring the latest trends and advancements in restaurant technology. With years of experience in the food service industry, he has a keen understanding of the challenges faced by restaurant owners and operators. Derrick's writing focuses on how technology can be leveraged to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and enhance the overall dining experience for customers. Through his work, he aims to provide insights and practical advice that empowers restaurant owners and managers to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing industry.


Derrick aims to provide practical insights and advice that help restaurant owners and managers stay ahead of the curve in a fast-changing industry. He is always on the lookout for the latest trends and advancements in restaurant technology and is committed to sharing his expertise with others in the field.

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Tips and Tricks For Customizing Your Balance Sheet Template Excel

By customizing your balance sheet template excel, you can create a financial statement that is tailored to your busin...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Automatic Receipts and Invoice Management for Owners

Automatic Receipts and Invoice Management refers to the use of software and digital tools to automate the processes o...

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Maximizing Efficiency with Automatic Receipts and Invoice Management

By implementing Automatic Receipts and Invoice Management, you can streamline your accounting processes and free up v...

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The Ultimate Guide to AR Automation for Restaurants

AR Automation, or Accounts Receivable Automation, is the process of using software and technology to streamline and a...

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How Online Payroll Services Can Save Time and Money for Your Restaurant

We will examine the role of online payroll services in improving compliance and regulatory management and how they ca...

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Key Features of the Best Credit Card Processing Services for Restaurants Unveiled

This article aims to provide restaurant owners with an overview of the key features to consider when choosing a best ...

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How to Process Restaurant Tips for Payroll

Accurate restaurant tip reporting and distribution are crucial to maintaining transparency, ensuring fair compensatio...

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How to Transform Payroll Processing with Innovative Tip App Services

The Tip App and Tip Tracker services enhance transparency by providing real-time updates on tip earnings, fostering t...

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How to Simplify Restaurant Payroll with Software Payroll Solutions

Software payroll solutions are designed to help restaurant owners automate and streamline their payroll processes, sa...

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How to Select the Best Job Boards in Hospitality

Best job boards and online platforms have changed hospitality recruitment by streamlining processes, increasing trans...

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How Paycheck Advances Can Help Quick Service Restaurants

Paycheck advances can help alleviate financial stress for employees and contribute to a more productive and satisfied...

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5 Reasons to Consider Using Temporary Staffing for Restaurants

Temporary staffing solutions involve hiring workers on a short-term basis, often during periods of increased workload...

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How to Utilize Hiring Software for Your Restaurant

HR hiring software can automate various stages of recruitment, from posting job ads to filtering applications based o...

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An Employee Onboarding Guide for Restaurateurs

An effective employee onboarding process in the restaurant industry involves introducing new team members to the esse...

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Improve Restaurant Hiring Process With Efficient Resume Review

A well-executed resume review process allows you to filter through a vast pool of potential hires, and select only th...

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The Significance of Restaurant Manager Training

Restaurant manager training is the key to exceptional leadership, operational efficiency, and overall business success.

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employee training software 1685640623 5538
How Employee Training Software Transforms the Restaurant Industry

Employee training software is a digital platform designed to provide and manage employee education and development.

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The Central Role of 'All Day' in Restaurant Communication

In the language of restaurants, "all day" refers to the total quantity of a specific dish that needs to be cooked at ...

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The 5 Key Elements of a Successful Restaurant Weekly Schedule

By investing time and effort into creating an efficient weekly schedule, restaurant owners can navigate the complexit...

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The Importance of Bartender Certification in Alcohol Compliance

Bartender certification is a professional accreditation that validates a bartender's skills and knowledge about mixol...

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How to Select Payroll Management Software for your Hospitality Business

Understanding the functionalities of payroll management software is crucial for any business owner, but it is particu...

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Why Every Restaurant Owner Should Consider Food Safety Certification

Food Safety Certification involves rigorous audits, training, and continuous monitoring to ensure that a food establi...

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Why Every Hospitality Business Owner Needs Online Scheduling Software

Modern online scheduling software streamlines operations, offers real-time availability, and merges traditional servi...

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How CDP Marketing Can Transform Hospitality Business Operations

CDP Marketing enhances guest experiences, streamlines operations, and optimizes resources, transforming stays into me...

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5 Crucial Steps to Uphold Data Privacy in Your Restaurant

In the digital age, restaurants face challenges in collecting customer data responsibly. Emphasizing data privacy not...

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The Basics of Data Protection for Restaurants

Data protection is an umbrella term encompassing the strategies, protocols, and actions taken to shield sensitive dat...

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Why Every Restaurant Owner Needs a Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform is a software that aggregates and organizes customer data from a myriad of sources into a unif...

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How to Manage Your Restaurant Menus Across Multiple Channels

Streamlining restaurant menus across multiple digital platforms ensures brand consistency, operational efficiency, an...

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Improve Your Hotel's Customer Experience with Payment Processing

Optimizing payment processing in the hospitality sector enhances customer experience. By embracing trends, ensuring s...

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The Benefits of a Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine for Restaurants

Embracing digital transformation, the restaurant industry is leveraging kiosk machines to enhance customer experience...

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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Food Delivery Companies

Food delivery companies play a pivotal role in shaping a restaurant's reputation, with choices impacting brand identi...

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Top 6 Features of Inventory Management Systems for Restaurants

Effective inventory management systems are essential for restaurants, streamlining data-driven decisions and optimizi...

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How to Use Recipe Cards to Manage Your Restaurant Menu Costs

Utilizing a recipe card system is crucial for restaurant owners to manage recipes effectively and ensure accurate men...

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How to Optimize Your Restaurant Ordering Process

Embracing technology and adaptability in ordering ensures restaurants efficiently manage their inventory and maintain...

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How Centralized Food Distribution Networks Benefit Hospitality

Centralized food distribution offers hospitality businesses an efficient network, streamlining supplier interactions ...

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Leveraging Sales CRM to Match Hospitality Services with Market Trends

Sales CRM empowers hospitality businesses to track guest purchasing habits within demographics, aligning services wit...

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Leveraging Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Menu Revamps and Specials

Prioritizing customer satisfaction through regular stratification surveys ensures restaurants innovate effectively, b...

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